Soldiers and sickness leave

Fighting for your country and your people is the engine that gives soldiers the drive to join the army. Training to become a soldier is not an easy deal, you should have mental and physical health and strength to go through all the trials and tests. After you have successfully completed the training you feel strong and you only think about the moment when you will be able to sing for the next combat. Army is a place where you test your limits, you are always expected to do things with the highest of your potential and most important of all, you are expected to never give up. A fake doctor’s excuse can be used to get out of work, you can get one on  Another great site is

As a matter of fact, even if they don’t look like sometimes, soldiers are still human beings. They can get sick or tired. Nevertheless, is almost unacceptable to miss work for one day when you are a soldier and your country needs you. You will be surprised but recent reports have suggested that soldiers from a group that is better not to mention in the present text, have indeed paid for a fake doctor’s note to avoid going to combat. We are clear on the fact that you wouldn’t be able to do something like this if you belong to a serious and strong army who looks after its soldiers. Try looking here to know more about doctor’s excuse.

To conclude the fact that you are a soldier doesn’t mean you are immortal or immune to everything. Soldiers can indeed feel the need to fake a doctor’s note to extend their annual leave or even to avoid undesirable situations, either because of their family or because they are against their beliefs. There are doctor’s notes for free that can be downloaded from the internet. This can help if someone is in need of getting it urgently. A great site for this is  They are a great place to get dr notes of any kind.